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D, Hamilton; ME, Jones; HI, McCallum; A, Storfer; PA, Hohenlohe; RK, Hamede

Rate of inter-sex interactions affects injury likelihood in Tasmanian devil contact networks Journal Article

Behavioural Ecology, 2019.

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SL, Emel; DH, Olson; LL, Knowles; A, Storfer

Comparative landscape genetics of two endemic torrent salamander species, Rhyacotriton kezeri and R. variegatus: implications for forest management and species conservation Journal Article

Conservation Genetics, pp. 1-15, 2019.

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Wells, Konstans; Hamede, Rodrigo K; Jones, Menna E; Hohenlohe, Paul A; Storfer, Andrew; McCallum, Hamish I

Individual and temporal variation in pathogen load predicts long-term impacts of an emerging infectious disease Journal Article

Ecology, 100 (3), pp. e02613, 2019.

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Hohenlohe, Paul A; McCallum, Hamish I; Jones, Menna E; Hamede, Rodrigo K; Lawrance, Matthew; Storfer, Andrew

Conserving adaptive potential: Lessons from Tasmanian devils and their transmissible cancer. Journal Article

Conservation Genetics, 20 (1), pp. 81-87, 2019.

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Margres, Mark J; Jones, Menna; Epstein, Brendan; Kerlin, Douglas; Comte, Sebastien; Fox, Samantha; Fraik, Alexandra; Hendricks, Sarah; Hutxtable, Stewart; Lachish, Shelly; Lazenby, Billie; O'Rourke, Sean; Stahlke, Amanda; Wiench, Cody; Hamede, Rodrigo; Schonfield, Barbara; McCallum, Hamish; Miller, Michael; Hohenlohe, Paul; Storfer, Andrew

Large-effect loci affect survival in Tasmanian devils (Sarcophilus harrisii) infected with a transmissible cancer Journal Article

Molecular Ecology, 27 (21), pp. 4189-4199, 2018.

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Storfer, Andrew; Hohenlohe, Paul A; Margres, Mark A; McCallum, Hamish I; Patton, Austin; Fraik, Alexandra K; Lawrance, Matthew; Ricci, Lauren; Stahlke, Amanda; Jones, Menna E

The Devil is in the Details: Genomics of a Transmissible Cancer in Tasmanian Devils Journal Article

PLoS Pathogens, 2018.

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Ruiz-Aravena, Manuel; Jones, Menna E; Carver, Scott; Estay, Sergio; Espejo, Camilla; Storfer, Andrew; Hamede, Rodrigo

Sex bias in ability to cope with cancer: Tasmanian devils and facial tumor disease Journal Article

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2018.

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